Tapa Healthcare

Tapa Healthcare is a medical software company, developing solutions that drive proactive patient safety. The company specialises in delivering an intelligent clinical decision support platform (READS) that enables point-of-care patient assessment, detection of a deteriorating patient in real-time, and proactive actions focused on managing care for a “Patient Like This”.

The READS platform uses a suit of intelligent algorithms to anticipate and action suspected conditions such as Sepsis, Stroke and AKI etc. The platform is configurable and open to add other protocols, clinical scores and models, specific to any ward, hospital or Trust. Tapa’s own proprietary clinical models have been validated in 4 continents with over 15 years of research.


Contact Information


Regional Development Centre,

Dublin Road


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Telephone +353 (0) 76 622 3300

Email: peter.donnelly@tapahealthcare.com