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Experience a new innovation proven to reduce infections in high acuity settings and share your expertise with colleagues.



Until now, topical infection prevention has been focused on eradication of ALL microorganisms on the skin. Avadim Technologies’ new paradigm in reducing hospital-acquired infections revolves around optimizing the immune functions of the patient’s skin. Specifically, this session will address deficiencies in the old paradigm of decolonization for infection prevention and highlight the new paradigm of microbiome management for improved skin immune function. The microbiome of the skin and associated tissue are key to establishing and maintaining a balance of healthy flora on the skin, resulting in an appropriate way to manage the infections and drug resistant organisms which create issues for healthcare practitioners around the globe. In the session, Avadim Technologies’ personnel will discuss the science and mechanism of action of this new paradigm, and review specific examples of how this new and innovative approach has produced significantly improved outcomes in U. S. hospitals.



Steve Woody, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Avadim Technologies, Inc.

Paul Cox, Senior Vice President, Secretary & Director, Avadim Technologies, Inc.

Jack Payne, Vice President, National Accounts and Contracting, Avadim Technologies, Inc.

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